How to pick art that is true to your personality

How to pick art that is true to your personality


Most people look at art and they view it as some exterior thing that doesn’t mean anything. They will say things like “that is nice”, and they keep moving.

Perhaps you are looking to display a piece of art somewhere in your home-maybe the living room, office, or the dining room etc.

How do you pick something you are going to want to look at for years to come?

I’m going to share with you my top 3 ways to pick a piece of art that you will really love.



  1. Pick something that inspires you.

When you are looking for art you want something that represents who you are as a person. You need it to be something that you can relate to.

So, think about what you love, maybe a certain scenery somewhere in the world that completely inspires you.

 Always look for something that makes you smile and gives you a feeling of being connected to something positive and motivational.




  1. Do your research.

You want to take your time. At the end of the day this is your home we’re talking about, you must live there. So, you want to really look around and do research on the type of art available.

There are several varieties of canvas paintings to check out, so you can figure out exactly what you like.

Don’t feel pressured into buying something you’re just okay with, make sure you really love what you pick, and it fits your personality and the vibe you want for your home.




  1. Be open to new ideas.

Many times, when you have found exactly what you want the price tag could be much higher than what you were wanting to spend.

 It’s always a good idea to have an open mind on how you can get exactly what you’re looking for at an amazing price.

For instance, one great way to accomplish this is to find the print you want without a frame. Then you can either frame it yourself or go to a place that will frame your canvas prints for a fraction of the cost of buying it already framed.

There are also many DIY options to explore when creating a piece of art and making your own custom painting. For more art ideas and a wide selection of art pieces click here to checkout our art collection.




Brandon Jullius Davenport - August 10, 2018

Love the inspiration

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