10 Different Ways That You Can Get a Good Hotel Room For Cheap

10 Different Ways That You Can Get a Good Hotel Room For Cheap

It doesn’t matter if you’re backpacking across the country, going on vacation or attending a business meeting across the continent, everyone likes a good deal on hotel rooms. Did you know that the cost of hotel rooms has increased drastically since the last decade? This makes it difficult for travelers to stay in a comfortable hotel on a budget.

Nonetheless, there are still ways that you can save a few bucks on hotel reservations, making it easier to upgrade from a bed and breakfast to a hotel with all the best services. Here are a couple of hacks that’ll let you score an awesome hotel room at a cheap price.

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1.     Charm the Front Desk

The best way to get a discount on a room at an expensive hotel isn’t to check booking sites, you need to use the old-fashioned way by picking up the telephone. Calling the hotel directly gives you the upper hand because you’ll be speaking to the people there directly. This gives them a chance to know you better, which is much better than booking anonymously.

Before you call, check the rates online and pick a good hotel with prices that you can afford with a little discount. Remember to call in the evening when the staff isn’t as busy and the manager will have time to speak with you directly. When you start talking, introduce yourself and explain why you chose their hotel. Tell the manager about the rate you saw online, and ask if you can get a discount.

When you are at the hotel, ask about the rates once more; you never know when you can get a last-minute offer and some extra perks. Managers have admitted to canceling reservations and then rebooking rooms at a lower rate, thanks to computerized systems.

2.     Get an App to Rebook At Lower Rates

The first tip works well if you’re in a rush to get somewhere, but in case you want to book in advance to avoid a hassle later; you can’t spend time on the phone hoping to get a discount for a stay that’s weeks away. DreamCheaper and Tingo are hotel-booking applications that aren’t like the rest because they’ll look for lower prices even after you’ve paid a higher rate.

All you have to do is agree to pay a fixed rate and the app will look for lower prices. When they do, they’ll alert you, cancel the reservation and rebook you at a lower price. You then get the difference between both prices as a refund. Both of these websites work differently but follow the same idea of refunding you the money when a lower price is available.

3.     Buy Someone Else’s Reservation

Have you ever wondered what people do with their hotel reservations upon canceling their entire trip? Turns out that, many of them sell their reservations to other travelers looking for a room because they can’t cancel it and get a refund. RoomerTravel is a website that lets you meet with people who are stuck with a hotel reservation and are willing to make your day (or just get a fraction of their money back) by transferring it to you at an awesome discount.

4.     Opt For a Midweek Reservation

If you’re going out of town and can opt for a midweek trip, you’ll be happy to know that those reservations will come cheap. Since you won’t be staying over the weekend, when there’s more likely to be a crowd, you can save money but not paying super-high rates. To get a greater flow of visitor through the week, some standard hotels offer discounts starting Sunday and all the way through Thursday. In addition, that’s not all; staying at a hotel during the midweek lets you enjoy all the services without much of a crowd.

5.     Look For an All-Rounder Hotel Experience

Sometimes, you might think that you’re getting the best offer by going to a cheaper hotel but if your expenditure rises because of unexpected costs like those for Wi-Fi and parking, you’ll be better off looking somewhere else. There are plenty of options where you can get breakfast, Wi-Fi, parking and some extra perks at an inclusive price. That’s much better than paying a little up front and then slowly emptying your wallet for things you need.

6.     Check with Your Credit Card Company

This is an obvious way to get a discount at hotels but most travelers seem to forget about it, considering there are so many websites that claim to do the same thing. However, this is by far the most convenient because almost 200 million Americans own a credit card. Credit card companies try to gain a larger offering by adding exclusive deals to specific hotels on their cards. Therefore, whether you have a Visa, MasterCard or American Express, give your company a call and see what they have to offer on hotel rates and discounts.

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7.     Get a Home Away From Home

There are many times when you won’t be able to get as much flexibility when staying in a hotel as you’d get when living in someone else’s home while they’re away. You know about Airbnb but using websites like HomeAway and VRBO give you a much more luxurious space. There are quite a lot of people looking to earn money by renting out their vacation homes and timeshare amenities. In many cases, you’ll find last minute availability, which gives you a bargaining advantage. The owner will be more likely to accept your offer, lest they miss a chance to earn anything at all.

8.     Leverage Your Memberships

Having a credit card makes you a member, but there are more memberships that you can leverage than just those. As it turns out, being a member of the American Automobile Association, AARP or the military, can give you exclusive offers and discounts on selected hotels. Hotels like Hilton Garden Inn are a good example since they offer discounts for military members and seniors as well.

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9.     Your Air Miles

Your credit card does much more than just helps you shop online because it lets you redeem and collect rewards too. If you’ve taken more than the occasional flight, it’s probable that you’ve collected a lot of airline miles but did you know that you could use them to pay for a hotel stay, too? You can redeem your airline miles or credit card rewards to get a gift card that can help you pay for a stay at your favorite hotel.

10.                        Keep It Simple

A good hotel room doesn’t need to have all the luxuries of a resort suite; you can keep it simple too. By carrying your own toiletries and towel, you can save money if you opt for affordable options like single rooms and a bathroom that you have to share. You can pay a reduced price at the counter for the bare necessities like a bed, pillows and a bathroom. If you don’t have a problem with no room service and sharing a bathroom, you’ll save a lot of money.

Well, there you have it; ten different ways that you can save money on getting a hotel room. However, whatever the case, you’re traveling and you need to make sure the hassle of managing your luggage doesn’t ruin your trip. That’s why you should settle for nothing less than the best to keep your things in place and enjoy your trip like you should.

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