7-Day Cruise Packing List

7-Day Cruise Packing List

We’ve all been there. It is time to take a trip and what do we do? We start packing and immediately think we need to bring the entire house with us. Some think they need to be prepared for anything and everything. My first cruise was just like yours I’m sure. I had everything I didn’t need and not much of what I actually needed. However, I learned quickly and I’m here to share with you. I’m going to tell you how to make packing for a cruise a lot easier. 

Here is my cruise packing list for a 7-day cruise. Let’s get started.


What to bring:

Cruising Swimwear

  • Swimwear – Most ships have pools and water slides that you and your family are going to want to hang out at. Many cruise lines have ports which include beaches. That being said a big part of your cruise packing list will include swimsuits. Bring multiple ones so that while one is drying in the cabin you can still have others and continue on the fun. Bring multiple and don’t stress about it.


Casual clothes

Top Bahamas Cruises
  • Casual Clothes – You’re on vacation! Don’t stress the small stuff. There is no need to bring an excess of clothes. One suggestion is to pack items that can be mixed and matched with multiple outfits. This way you can pack less and still look like you are in a new outfit each day. Just pack what is going to make you the most comfortable. As you put together your cruise packing list remember, dress to relax and completely chill out.Keep in mind that most ships require somewhat nice attire for the main dining rooms so be sure to include items that will fit these requirements. You can always check out your particular cruise lines dress requirements.Also, many ships have fancier restaurants on board that you can choose to dine at which may require a dressier outfit.


Formal Night on cruise

  •  Formal night – Most cruise lines will offer a formal night. Usually on these nights there are a lot of photo opportunities set up around the ship. Now for my first cruise we took the term formal night seriously and we went all out with formal wear. What we soon discovered is that most people don’t get that dressed up. We spent most of the night very uncomfortable. I recommend dressing nicer this day for sure but maybe something as simple as slacks with a nice shirt or a simple sundress. I would dress a bit nicer than the other days but don’t stress it either. Be balanced in your approach. If you decide to go all out, then do it. It’s your vacation. Have fun.


  •  Extra items- Something else that will prove to be helpful is to bring a pop up hamper. This will help keep dirty and clean clothes separate without making a mess in the cabin. Then when you are ready to leave, just load up the hamper and it will all be in one place for when you get home. Another important thing to bring is luggage tags. Personalized luggage tags helps you have a place to store your edocs, they remove the risk of your tags falling off and you can reuse them for every trip. 


Luggage Tips

  • Size of luggage- Choose wisely when picking what luggage you want to bring. Cabins on ships usually only have so much space. Choose luggage that you can fit in a closet or under the bed so that you aren’t taking up what little space you have in the cabin. You also want to keep in mind that you are responsible for getting all the luggage to the ship. While most times you will give your luggage to a porter to get it on the ship for you, when it’s time to get off the ship it falls on you to carry around your luggage. Trust me, you are not going to want to deal with the crowd of people getting off with a lot of luggage or oversized luggage in tow. Pack smart.


carry-on bag for a cruise

  • Carry-on Bag- This is one thing I did not have on my first cruise and I regretted it. Having a carry-on bag is a great idea for your cruise packing list. You are going to need certain documents (ID, passport, and booking info) to board the ship so you can keep them with you while your other luggage is being loaded on the ship. Also the minute you step on the ship it’s time to start having fun. Make sure you put a swimsuit, an extra pair of clothes, sunscreen, etc. in there so you can start exploring and having fun. Also, you are going to want to pack your wallet or phone or any expensive items you choose to bring in the carry-on also so that those items stay close to you.
Norwegian Cruise Line


cruise excursions

  • Ports/Destinations- Each port is going to be different and have its own adventures. If you choose to hang out at the port close to the ship or get involved in one of the excursions offered remember to pack a bag accordingly. Make sure you have whatever important documents you need. Bring things that go with what you will be doing. Are you going to a beach? Bring sunscreen, a hat, a book to read, a yeti cup. Are you going bird watching? Bring binoculars or a tablet or a camera. Are you going hiking? Bring good shoes and a bottle of water. Think of what you will need ahead of time so that you will be prepared when you set sail.
So there you have it. Your cruise packing list made easy. Apply these suggestions and take away the stress. Most importantly…Have Fun!!!! Enjoy the cruise and all the memories that are to be made.
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