American Tourister 3-piece Luggage set Review

American Tourister 3-piece Luggage set Review

Whenever you’re looking for luggage you want something that will be sturdy and trustworthy. I know for me personally I don’t want to deal with unreliable luggage. I put this review together to help you if your considering this American Tourister luggage set. I hope to provide you with all the details and info you need before picking out your luggage.


Benefits of the product

  • Has collapsible interior for extra space inside luggage.
  • A lot of pockets are provided to help organize everything your bringing.
  • Each bag has four wheels so being able to move with your luggage won’t be an issue.
  • Padded materials to help the bags sustain whatever environment you need to travel in.
  • All bags have the handles you can collapse so you can fit your bags in smaller spaces.


How to use the Product?

luggage for airlines-88


These bags can really be used anywhere. If you are taking a flight for a long get away the 32-inch bag would handle very well as checked luggage. You could also use the 21” bag as a carry on while you make your way through security and to the gate where you would be departing from. For more insight on carry-on luggage sizes click here. One of the convenient features of these bags is they all have 4 wheels and are very easy to move around. This will makes getting around the airport much easier. Everything you do to make things easy removes a layer of stress and gives you a sense of peace. Based on the research I have done this 21” bag will meet almost all the airline carry-on luggage requirements.


 luggage on trains


These Bags could also be used if you are going on a train trip. The 24” bag could be a perfect solution for a long trip on a train. The 24” bag is big enough to pack for a quick trip and still small enough to move around well while walking down the aisle of a train car.


For more info on train luggage requirements click here. Most Trains allow for a couple free bags, so you could still bring 2 bags with this set and save money there. Overall, I think this set would be ideal for a train trip even if you only bring the 2 bags (for free).

luggage on cruise ship - 121


Many times, while going through the process to board the ship for your vacation you will find an unsettling fact. Cruise terminals are sometimes not climate controlled. You could quickly find yourself wanting to get access to all your luggage, so you can change your clothes. There could be hours in between the time you show up with your luggage and family ready to start your vacation and the actual moment you step on to the ship.

 For all these reasons it would be smart for you to prepare ahead and ensure you have a light weight carryon bag with a change of clothes important documents and some snacks while you wait. The 24” bag only weighs 8 Lbs. and has the extendable handle so it’s easy to move around. These bags could help while on a cruise. For more info on Cruising Luggage requirements click here. One of the lessons I personally have learned on the cruises I have been on is to limit how much luggage you bring on the cruise.

Once you get back to your home port and your packing up to get off the boat you are required to handle your own luggage and get off the ship with all your stuff. Bringing more than 2 bags is probably not a good idea. Just take my word on it. The last thing you want is to push around 4-5 bags for your family trying to get off the ship while in a huge crowd. Do the smart thing and pack lite.



Product Description and Features

Color: Moroccan Blue

Product Dimensions

9.5 x 20 x 29 inches

Item Weight

31.3 pounds

Shipping Weight

32.9 pounds




American Tourister - Samsonite Corporation



Item model number


Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars    554 customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars



Who is the Product for?

These bags are for the casual traveler that only takes trips occasionally. This is a decent luggage set. It has many benefits with some points of concern also. These bags would be suitable for any type of trip or duration. This set is customizable because you can use just what you need. If you are going on a quick weekend trip one of the smaller bags work perfect. If you are going away for a longer trip you have the option of being prepared either way.


What I like about the Product?

american tourister luggage  - 11

I like the different size options for these bags. I don’t feel like I’m stuck having to deal with only one size. I like I can go where ever I want and use the bags that would help me the most depending on what I need. So, flexibility is cool. I love how the bags provide some expand ability so If you want to pack a bunch of stuff you could fit it all in these bags. I also love the extra compartments with zippers. I think this gives you more overall storage capacity.



What I don’t like about the Product?

american tourister luggage - 234

I don’t like how the interior material seems like it’s a really poor quality. I don’t advise packing huge loads of stuff for every trip. Your bag might not hold up for long. The wheels also have been known for wearing out quickly with these bags.



I think these bags are good for the occasional traveler. If your someone who travels for work or possibly take trips often you might not want to purchase these bags. This set is for someone who takes one to two trips a year and not much more than that.





Final Thoughts:

If you can afford better bags buy better bags. These bags are…okay. But who of us spend our money time and energy traveling and want an okay experience?

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