Delsey Helium Aero - 29" Expandable Spinner – Review

Delsey Helium Aero - 29" Expandable Spinner – Review

Most People's Reality

Most of us don’t have the opportunity to purchase many of our needs and wants in Designer brands. Brands like Louis Vuitton, Dolce Gabbana, and Christian Louboutin are not brands most people buy from on an everyday basis. When considering Spinner luggage, the same is true. Many times, the quality and durability that these brands offer is not something the average consumer can afford. Occasionally, we stumble upon an exception to the rule.

The Delsey Brand:

The Delsey Luggage brand gives us this opportunity. Delsey has been in the luggage business for close to 7 decades and they go above and beyond to deliver the highest quality products from their Paris based company. I have put together a review of one of their top-rated bags to assist in your journey of purchasing luggage.

More About the Delsey brand:

  • A Story of forward thinking and creativity.
  • A company that adapts with the market and fashion trends.
  • The pursuit of excellence.
  • A global brand that sets the standard of fashion being founded in Paris France.
  • A constant process of using what works and being highly functional with a superb level of quality.


Delsey Helium Aero - 29" Expandable Spinner Luggage – Review

Credit: Delsey

Price: $129.99
Overall Rank: 99 out of 100

Benefits of the product

  • High Quality - Delsey spinner Luggage endures extreme testing to ensure the highest quality and durability possible. Before Delsey Luggage is sent to market each piece must successfully complete a series of torturous test to be approved at the highest of quality. The fact the Delsey does this much testing to ensure the quality of there product is a huge deal. It gives you a sense of confidence in them and there process to deliver the best product possible.
  • Very Serious Testing -
    • Some of this testing includes packing a piece of spinner luggage at maximum capacity then taking a 9 mile to 18-mile journey on an abrasive surface just to ensure the luggage will perform under any circumstances.


  • List of Quality Test performed:

    • Resistance to Abrasion.
    • Discoloration test.
    • Test in high temperatures.
    • All these tests are done to ensure the quality of the luggage, maintain the finish of the luggage and ensure the reliability of the luggage no matter where you take it. For more info on the quality expectations of Delsey spinner luggage click HERE


  • Very Durable:  Exterior is very tough and scratch resistant. Off axle wheels gives an extra layer of stability for the Suitcase. Most luggage has the handle system as an internal part of the bag. This takes away from the actual space that is available to you for packing. Delsey has designed this piece of luggage with an exterior handle system so you can have more space to pack your belongings.
  • Secure and expandable:  This bag offers an integrated TSA Combination Lock. Even though this luggage bag is a hard-exterior bag it has an 2” expandable option that let you get about 20% more space for your luggage. Multiple internal compartments make it easy to pack and organize for your trip.
  • Great Warranty: This Delsey Bag comes with a 10-year warranty. It’s good to know they back their product.
  • Solid Construction:  So, there are a ton of different types of zippers. When you see a number next to a zipper type its showing you the width of the zipper teeth when they are closed. The fact that Delsey uses the #10 zipper that is metal proves they build their luggage with enduring quality in mind.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:
Quality wheels
Stylish look
Scratch resistant

The Bad:
Plastic bends too easy
Too big for carry on

How to use the Product:

This bag can be used several ways. This is a great bag for road trips and cruising. If taking a flight, this bag would be a great solution for checked luggage. If your're taking a long road trip and want to pack a bunch of stuff this is the perfect bag. When you consider how Delsey has made this bag expandable up to 2-inches that opens a world of possibilities when packing. For instance, if you wanted to go hiking and you need to bring an extra pair of shoes, this would work out perfect. Maybe you are going to the beach with friends, having that extra space could let you pack more bathing suits or towels. Even if you’re taking a business trip this extra space could provide more room to pack another outfit for the event or materials for your big presentation. This bag is great for any trip. 

Product Description and Features

The Helium Aero Collection from Delsey Paris is extremely lightweight and durable, designed for the frequent traveler. This 29 inch case expands up to 2 inches for maximum packing flexibility. The wheels and handles on this case are exceptional and provide the traveler with ease of use and a smooth ride.

Amazing Wheels

The four double spinner wheels keep ZERO weight on your arm and the dual locking handle system gives you the option to carry the bag different ways. When moving about with your luggage if you are not careful you can get back and shoulder pain from pulling your luggage incorrectly. Many people without realizing it tend to pull their luggage with their arms twisted behind them holding the luggage palm facing up. This will cause a lot of strain on your shoulder and back while making your time with your luggage miserable. By holding your luggage with your palm facing down you can reduce the strain you put on your body and have a more comfortable trip. The four double spinner wheels really helps take the weight off you and allows you to remain comfortable while traveling.

Quality TSA Locks

Lastly, this case features an integrated recessed TSA approved lock which allows only TSA agents to inspect your bag without damaging your bag or lock. When you think about the process of going through security and getting to your gate with enough time to board the plane, anything that can speed up that process is a plus.

Who is the Product for?

This bag is for the person who wants high quality at a great price. Anyone who wants a functional bag with a stylish look won’t be disappointed. It doesn't matter if you only travel once a year, or if your a frequent flyer who is on the road every week. This bag is a good option and it delivers a high level of quality and functionality.

What I like about the Product:

I love that the bag is a hard-shell suitcase that is also expandable. The flexibility in that feature is awesome. The quality of the wheels and the TSA lock are cool features in my opinion.  

What I don’t like about the Product:

This bag has a long list of benefits and features that really make it an awesome piece of luggage. The one big drawback is the size. When you consider the standard for carry-on luggage this bag (especially with the 2-inch expansion) is too big for carry on. Check for yourself to see the standard size limits for carry-on luggage. Click HERE.

Other Features of the Delsey Brand:

  • Innovation –

Delsey has 2 major improvements to their spinner luggage collections:



Delsey Chatelet – In this Collection there is a one-of-a-kind Braking system that locks the two front wheels, so the luggage does not Drift away.

Weight Indicator – This is a patent pending feature for Delsey that allows you to check the weight of your luggage before going to the airport, so you can avoid paying excessive fees.

Alternative Quality Bags:

Even Though the Delsey Helium Areo bag is an amazing bag, there are a bunch of other options for you to choose from. Check out this list and see which one you might be interested in. 

 Delsey CHATELET Hard 21" Spinner luggage:


Delsey CHATELET Hard 21" spinner luggage

Credit: Delsey

This bag is a lot smaller and is perfect as an carry-on option. If you are concerned with price, for the features of this luggage it's very affordable. This is a Very elegant and Innovative piece of luggage. This bag Features a convenient Stop and Go brake system that stops the bag from rolling away. Wheels that move very easy and minimize sound while on the go.  SEE AMAZON PRICE.


TravelPro Elite 25" Expandable Spinner luggage:

TravelPro Elite Expandable Spinner

Credit: TravelPro

At a couple inches smaller this bag makes up for in quality. This bag is a great option no matter the distance of the trip. It comes with a built-in suiter, no worries when it comes to wrinkles. This bag has a integrated TSA lock and Precision-system wheels to glide you along in your adventure. SEE AMAZON PRICE.


 Samsonite Silhouette XV 25" Spinner luggage:

Samsonite Silhouette Spinner luggage

Credit: Samsonite

This bag is another very good option. when considering the budget this bag is very affordable based on the features it offers. This bag has a very well designed grip to make it comfortable to move around when on the go. The True-Trac Wheel system ensures the bag will roll straight every time. This bag will endure all weather types with a water-resistant coating, this will keep all your valuables dry no matter what. For convenience, this bag has an built-in suiter so you can keep all your clothing wrinkle free. SEE AMAZON PRICE


Final Thoughts:

Overall this bag has several great features and it’s very durable. This bag can be used in every traveling situation and is very reasonably priced. If you would like to purchase this bag, SEE AMAZON'S PRICE.

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