How to pick the best luggage (some really great tips)

How to pick the best luggage (some really great tips)

Traveling can be stressful even on a good day and with your best people. However, everyone knows that when you are traveling with people you don’t know that well (maybe for a business trip or a friend’s destination wedding), who have different ideas about traveling than you, things can get super messy, super fast.


When you have no idea where you are going, when you are going, and whom you are going with even the most even-tempered people can become murderous. In the middle of all this mayhem and confusion, the last thing you need to be stressing about is what brand of SUITCASE to buy and if you need a CARRY-ON bag or the entire 15-piece LOIUS VUITTON LUGGAGE set.

What only adds to the confusion of shopping for luggage is the fear of the unknown. No one wants to drag around a 50-pound SUITCASE for three days if all they really need is four changes of clothes. However, neither do they want to be unprepared in case something unexpected happens.

Luckily, in today’s high-tech, low-cost world there are literally thousands of luggage options to choose from. The only question that remains is “Which one do I choose?”

No worries, we are here to help you get started. This is by no means a comprehensive list of tips or luggage types and brands, but it will certainly help point you in the right direction.

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The first thing a person needs to address before they shop for luggage is the type of trip they are going on, the duration of the stay, and their needs for that trip.

First things first, do you want a full-blown luggage set? Normally a luggage set comes with anywhere from two to six bags. These bags range in size from small CARRY-ON bags to super-sized suitcases.

The great thing about luggage sets is that they can be purchased individually or in sets, so if you want a whole set eventually but don’t have it in your budget to buy the whole set now, don’t fear!

Do know that buying in bulk always helps you save money if you can afford it in one lump sum, but if you can’t, no sweat. Here are some pretty cool and eye-catching 3-piece luggage sets.

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However, if the idea of being responsible for a set of luggage seems burdensome and overwhelming to you, maybe you should think more about a singular soft shell luggage piece or a TRAVEL BACKPACK.


This makes for better maneuvering and flexibility in tighter spaces like small cars, buses, and when flying coach. Space concerns lead into the next thought of do you want hard or soft shell luggage.

 Hard shell luggage definitely has its perks. The first is that it is extremely durable and if you are transporting items that are easily damaged, this is the best way to protect them. Also, it gives your items greater protection from the elements. The compromise one must consider is that the hard shell does add to the weight of the luggage and its ability to be stored compactly.


This may not be a problem if you know there will be plenty of room, but if you are unsure of how you will be transported and the space allowed each person, we advise you check before purchasing.


One of the most talked about hard shell rolling suitcases is the SAMSONITE © Winfield 2 Hardside 24’’ luggage. This piece is 100% polycarbonate and quite spacious. It also comes in a variety of colors. 

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No matter what anyone tells you, size really does matter especially when one is traveling! You are the only person who knows your physical abilities to their full extent. You know what your body can and cannot handle and traveling has a way of making us aware of our physical limitations. You very well may want to take the 15-piece LOUIS VUITTON set, but you need to factor in who will watch over it and who will carry it from one place to the next.


If you know that you will be solely responsible for your luggage and that your body isn’t as equipped to handle those physical strains as it once was, it might be time to rethink your luggage needs.

In that case, smaller luggage may be what you need. However, if you are certain that you need the room and you are physically able to handle your luggage, then by all means get the BIG one! J Check out these awesome expandable luggage pieces here!


This is where you decide if an over-the-shoulder bag or a wheeling suitcase is best for you. The great thing about carrying your own bag is that it makes for greater agility in hectic airports and bus stations. Also, an increase in heart rate it good for you! However, if you know that you shouldn’t put as much strain on your body, we suggest rolling luggage.


 This might not be the quickest option where lines and crowds are concerned, but you need to be aware of your body’s needs and be respectful of them. Plus, if you have kids this is a great way for them to help out with the luggage as it makes bags more manageable for kids!

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Here’s the big one. What is your ideal price range? Cost is really about preference and not much else. You can find 3-piece luggage sets from anywhere to $50 on home good sites to thousands of dollars depending on the name brand.

Yes, sometimes paying more for luggage means that you get a more resistant and durable product, but sometimes it just means you paid for the brand. Other times, you get just as great of a product for a more manageable price. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all.

What matters most is that you feel confident in your choice of luggage. You want to feel that it is not only reliable but easy for you to manage both physically and financially.

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