Our Guide to Getting a Good Backpack

Our Guide to Getting a Good Backpack

Everyone knows that backpacks are the ultimate luggage. A backpack comes in handy when you’re going on a trip or just making your everyday commute to work. Backpacks never went out of style. However, new designs are making the traditional backpack all the more stylish. At the same time, you don't have to compromise on space.

In fact, they’ve become much more diverse to carry a variety of items; the convenient back-straps are a great addition to any kind of carrier since it reduces uneven strain on shoulders. Nonetheless, the variety of backpacks doesn’t mean that it’s a one-suits-all design. With so many types, styles and capacities, it’s important that you choose the right backpack for your needs. That’s why we compiled a list of the different kinds of bags and why you should use them:

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Backpacks for Students

Students are face of the backpack demographic because their lives are so dynamic that they need a single backpack to be their carry on for every occasion. Ever since pre-school and all the way till college, students carry a useful back to hold all their necessities. As books get heavier and a box of color pencils are no longer a necessity, students outgrow their backpacks and switch to something more functional.  Now, the best backpacks for students stand out from the crowd with unique features.

Not to mention, they love an element of style -from when they’re eight and all up until they’re eighteen- that expresses their personality better than anything else. The previous generation of students didn’t have much luck when it came to an efficient carry-on but perhaps their needs weren’t as complex, either.

Now, students have to after-class tasks to attend to, fellow classmates to study with at a library and a part-time job to reach on time. This makes the need for the kind of backpacks we offer. Not only do you have room to fit plenty of notes for class, you can fit a notebook and plenty of other things. The use of new materials makes these backpacks much more durable than their previous counterparts. New designs include a flat and well-rounded silhouette rather than a bulky shape.

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Backpacks for Work

Backpacks have spread farther than the student demographic; they’re now a suitable carry-on option for multiple situations, including executive ones. As the briefcase became impractical and chunky laptop bags exit the scene, work environments are regarding the backpack design to be functional and effective at getting the job done.

The population is rapidly gaining awareness about the effects of global warming, so many people have taken the initiative to walk shorter distances, cycle through their average commute or simply take a ride on a public bus or train. These scenarios make it crucial that you have a comfortable bag that keeps the strain out of your hands and shoulders while evenly distributing it across your body.

Our choice is suitable as a backpack for teachers, executives and for someone who just needs a backpack for a laptop. It has a smooth rectangular design that retains sophistication. However, don’t be fooled by its slim appearance because it holds plenty of space inside; you can fit a variety of other things inside be it a laptop, reusable water bottle, a book to read on the train, a homemade lunch and much more.

It has plenty of easy access pockets to hold necessary items and buckles along the outside so it retains a perfect shape no matter how much wear and tear you put it through. Not to mention, they’re mainly available in colors like brown, black and gray so that you can get that executive vibe that leather briefcases are often associated with.

To keep your items protected during your commute on a public train or bus, the best options have a lock attached. This keeps your things are safe from any pickpockets who may be making the making the trip with you. It also works well as a backpack for a teacher because a lock adds extra security to sensitive information. Most modern designs are constructed with water resistant features to keep your items protected in the event of rainy weather.

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Backpacks for Air Travel

Travelling can be quite an experience for most people, which is why they often try to make things more convenient by reducing their number of items and only adding a backpack as their carry-on aside from luggage. They can be particularly convenient at the airport when you have a million other things to organize and be careful of, so you don’t have time configuring whether all your bags are around or not.

Moreover, your backpack can be much more than a travel buddy on your flight and at the airport because once you land, you can use it to carry your things with you as you explore sights and enjoy your trip. Some designs work much better than others when it comes to traveling because you’re specifically looking for something that doesn’t take up much space but perfectly holds all your traveling necessities as well.

The best options have a luggage belt that lets you carry it along at the airport when you’re tired, and a breathable design that reduces moisture accumulation. In addition, you’ll want plenty of smaller compartments can hold things like your passport, phone, earphones, wallet, and sunglasses.

Our options come with a waterproof exterior. The waterproof material protects your things even in the strangest of weather conditions. Moreover, you have enough space to hold all your tech for the trip. The foam-laded laptop compartment keeps your laptop in a snug position. This feature prevents unnecessary movement. In addition, the spacious middle compartment will hold your camera, tablet and the rest.

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Backpacks for Nomads

When you’re hopping from one state to another, sometimes all you can afford to carry fits inside a backpack. That’s the life of nomads and while many of them have permanent addresses, they have a taste of adventure that lures them outside into new places.

Many a time, they’re simply taking train rides and bus rides out of state to stay somewhere else. The reason for their short stays is that they don’t like staying too long; they can work from anywhere as long as they have a computer so they pick up their backpack and go. They prefer to choose a high-quality backpack to suit their needs, especially if they intend to carry a lot.

Ideally, backpacks for walking around need to have a security lock. This lock keeps valuable items safe in case you intend to leave it at a locker. Our options include versatile backpacks that connect with a power bank and earphones so you can keep your phone charged on the go. In the spacious middle compartment, you can keep a spare change of clothes and many other things.

The laptop pocket keeps your devices safe and sounds while a front compartment gives you quick access to your essentials. You’ll be grateful for such a convenient backpack to take with you when you’re on the go.


So, what type of person are you? Are you a weekend wanderer, a hectic 9 to 5 worker or the average student getting by the week? Whatever you are, we’ve got the perfect bag or backpack for you. You can browse through our extensive collection and get what suits your best; because we have a fit for everyone here!

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