Top 3 things to consider when buying Luggage (Really Great Tips)

Top 3 things to consider when buying Luggage (Really Great Tips)

When traveling there are many layers to having a successful trip. Within the process you must pack everything your bringing then travel to the airport. Once you get to the airport you still must check your bags and go through TSA scanning with all your carry-on luggage.

Once you get through that never-ending maze you still must make it to the correct gate on time and board your flight. With all the pressure that is involved you need to have the right luggage that can withstand the wear and tear of this process. So, to help you make your next trip successful we will share with you some tips to picking the best luggage options.

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  1. What to consider when picking luggage:
  • Soft Luggage vs Hard Luggage -

When you are trying to choose between hard luggage and the soft material luggage one of the main factors is your cargo. What are you packing? Are you traveling with fragile items that can be easily broken? Do you need to securely bring souvenirs home from a trip abroad?

Whatever the case, if you need to protect your items a hard-cased luggage would be better. One of the issues with 2-wheel hard luggage is it could be hard to maneuver when you are in a rush. (like running to your gate) One of the many issues with hard luggage is that it could be too big for the overhead compartments on the plane. It’s important to know the space requirements for each airline.

 Don’t worry,  we have that info for you here to check that out. When considering soft luggage, it’s an easier option because you could potentially carry on a smaller bag or even potentially a high quality backpack like this one that could store everything you need and also have little to no issues fitting into the overhead bins on the airplanes.  Many time backpacks are a great alternative to using luggage. For more info on using backpacks for travel click here.

  • Storage Issues -

When dealing with hard luggage you need to consider where it’s going to be stored once the trip is over. If you live in a small apartment or don’t have a lot of closet space in your home having hard plastic luggage can be an issue when it’s time to put it away especially if its big and bulky. So, keeping in mind storage limitations is a wise consideration before making a purchase. 

  • Protect Your Stuff -

To ensure you can protect what your packing you may want to consider using Packing Cubes. By keeping everything in a controlled space you can get the most out of your luggage. When unpacking your luggage instead of it being a big ordeal it’s something that is easy and quick. This way you can organize your items in a way to best protect them and ensure you have very little wasted space. One of the main benefits of using luggage organizers is you can quickly find everything you need.

  • Travel Light - 

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Nothing is worse than over packing for a trip and paying a bunch of unnecessary money on checked bags. Here are some good tips on packing correctly. You always want to ensure your taking into consideration where you are going and how long you will be on your trip. One of the simple tricks I use is packing by the outfit.

Figure out what you need to wear for each part of your days while on your trip and then pack accordingly. Just for example if you’re getting away for a long weekend trip you could organize your packing this way:

Day 1: first outfit   - (outfit to sleep in)

Day 2: second outfit - (outfit to sleep in)

Day 3: third outfit - (outfit to sleep in)


This simple process can save you a lot of stress and money. It helps me to keep things organized and ensure I’m not over packing for the trip.

  2. How to choose the best quality luggage:

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  • Zippers:

The quality of your luggage is only as good as the components. Having good quality zippers on your luggage is critical. If your zipper fails, you could lose all your valuables and who wants to have to purchase new luggage during a trip. Make sure you do your research on the zipper types being used on the luggage you are using before leaving on your trip. For more insight on the quality of the zippers for luggage click here.

  • Handles:

Another important part of your luggage is the handles that are on your bags. Imagine yourself holding your luggage racing through the terminal for a connecting flight and while zig zagging through the crowd your handle on your bag rips! Not a pretty sight.

You could miss your flight and who knows what effects that could have on your trip. To avoid all that drama doing your research on the bags and luggage you purchase is vital. Here is one of the top-rated bags with a very high standard of features.

  • Wheels:

While on your trip any luggage you don’t get checked will have to make the trip at your side. So, there are a couple things to keep in mind, so you can the least amount of stress possible when in route to your destination.

  • 2-Wheel Luggage:

Many time the wheels on this type of luggage is very similar to roller skates. While roller skates are cool and fun they are very limited in the range of motion. This can be a real issue when trying to move quickly and change directions on the go.

 With having only two wheels there is another limit for two-wheel luggage, you must pull it everywhere. Pulling luggage can put a great deal of strain on your back, wrist and shoulders. So, you have a question to ask yourself. Do you want to pull heavy luggage around your entire trip? If your answer is no, then you should consider a piece of luggage with four wheels.

  • 4-wheel luggage:

Most people purchase and use 4-wheel luggage. For more info on 4-wheel spinner luggage click here. One of the many benefits of a 4-wheel piece of luggage is that it has a 360-degree range of motion.

This is especially helpful when needing to move quickly through the concourse and get to your gate on time because of a short layover. Another big bonus in using a 4-wheel spinner luggage bag is that there is very little strain on your back, shoulders, and wrist. You can just move about how you need and not get worn out because of pulling heavy luggage for hours.

Remember to measure and check the overhead bin space of the airline you’re traveling with. You don’t want to be one of the people whose luggage does not fit, and they are forced to check their bags and pay extra. Click here for a quick review of space requirement for each airline. (this list has most of them).


  • Watch Your Weight

It’s no secret that airlines are raking in hundreds of millions and some or making billions in baggage fees. The best thing you can do is prepare well and avoid the extra charges. To accomplish this task, you want to weigh your luggage at home before you get to the airport. There are a bunch of handheld Luggage scales you can use to ensure you don’t pay extra fees for luggage. Click here to check out some really affordable scales. This is a smart purchase that is worth every penny.

   3. Top accessories while traveling:

In addition to picking great luggage and preparing yourself for the trip there are the a few things you can consider making your trip even more comfortable and relaxing.

  • Travel Pillows

Buy the BCOZZY chin Supporting Travel pillow here for $29.97

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  • Luggage Tags -

Another big inconvenience is going through the whole trip, getting to your destination and then having to wait for your luggage at the baggage claim. Waiting there trying to find your luggage in a big crowd of people can be very annoying. One way to speed up the process and give yourself a chance to find your bags quickly is luggage tags with the right tags you can make your bag very easy to spot and save yourself a ton of time to continue your trip. 


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