Top 4 reasons you need a waterproof backpack (A ton of great info)

Top 4 reasons you need a waterproof backpack (A ton of great info)

Regardless of who you are, your job, or your hobbies everyone wants reliability and durability. After all, we hear it all the time from relationship magazines to advice on growing your business: communication and trust are the two components of success. The same is true of your gear.

When a consumer makes a purchase two things take place. First, the customer has an expectation, which is simply what the consumer believes about the product. Secondly, the consumer relies on the product to live up to said expectation

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It is no surprise that in today’s economy, people not only want a single function product, but a multi-function product. We have the iPhone to thank for that.

Why have separate devices for navigation, music, and messaging when you can have one that does all that and more? The same is leaking over into the fashion industry and specifically accessories.


There are now purses that can connect to your phone and play music, BACKPACKS that can charge your electronic devices, luggage that can open and close itself remotely, and so much more.

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It is amazing and even daunting to see how far society has come even in its day-to-day non-luxury items. However, simplicity always wins out. This article is specifically targeted to one simple luxury that we all can use: waterproof and water resistant BACKPACKS.


Maybe you don’t really think a waterproof BACKPACK is a necessity for you. However, ask anyone who has been unfortunate enough to have water damage their belonging and they will quickly tell you how valuable it really is.


Business, sports, pleasure, school, or whatever else you might use your bag for, it is important that you be able to protect those items for both financial and sentimental purposes.  

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Now, there are a few questions that you might have such as: what is the difference between waterproof and water-resistant? Which one is best for me? and Does one cost more than the other? We have the answers.

  1. Waterproof means that the fabric while in addition to being very tightly woven, has been treated with a chemical to keep water out of the bag. What needs to be understood here is that just because something is “waterproof” it does not mean that it will forever and always keep water out. Luckily, there is a scale (especially for technology such as phones) that tells you exactly how waterproof something is. This scale is known as the “International Protection” rating. This scale is more or less always on an items original packaging; so make sure to check it out.
  2. Water Resistant means that the fabric is so densely woven together that it is extremely difficult for water to seep in. What you need to keep in mind though is that if you fully submerge your bag into water or leave it in the rain for an extended amount of time, the water will eventually get inside the bag.
  3. As far as which one is better really depends on your needs and what you are looking for. Obviously if you need waterproof then water-resistant is not for you and vise versa. Also, you might need to look into just how waterproof your bag is depending on what you need it for. If you know that you travel a lot in all types of weather for your job then the higher rating is what you should go for. On the other hand, if you just need something to keep your laptop from getting wet when you jump from the office to a cab, then water-resistant will probably satisfy your needs.
  4. Yes, waterproof does on average cost more than water-resistant, but that does not mean that it is unaffordable. One of the reasons that waterproof bags can be more expensive is because of that scale we mentioned earlier. The higher the waterproof scale of the bag, the higher the cost will be. Do not fret though! There are some affordable options for waterproof BACKPACKS at the bottom of this article. Be sure to check them out!

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Are you starting to feel that water resistant/waterproof gear is right for you? If so here are a few waterproof or water resistant BACKPACKS to take a look at.


Vaschy© has a uninsex lightweight water-resistant ruchsack, which is great for everyday use. It is fun, stylist, and easy to carry. It comes in 20 different colors and prints and is just as unique as you are. It has four interior pockets and reinforced straps for maximum comfort!


This BACKPACK has a super relaxed feel and is great for a day on the beach, a bike ride through your neighborhood, or simply chilling at a friend’s house. It is spacious, yet compact. Check it out here.


Matein© Water Resistant BACKPACK is made of water resistant and durable polyester fabric with metal zippers. This ensures that no matter what your activity level may be, this BACKPACK can handle what ever you throw at it. With its comfortable and sturdy handle, hanging and adjustable straps, and multi-panel airflow back, comfort and versatility are top priorities of this travel BACKPACK.

Matein© Water Resistant BACKPACK has both a professional and functional look so it fits in seamlessly no matter the environment. Furthermore, it comes with a handy USB port design; it offers you luxury as well as convenience.

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