Your Guide to Luggage on Every Trip

Your Guide to Luggage on Every Trip

For people who constantly travel from place to place, it’s important that they have the right luggage to organize their things before they go on a trip. Not to mention, the airport has many guidelines as to the kind of luggage you can carry along with you, which means there’s no room for error when you pack your things.

However, that doesn’t mean that all travelers’ experiences involve air travel, so that’s why we decided to make things clearer by explaining what kind of luggage you can take where. Whether you’re catching a train, going on a road trip, or flying abroad for a family vacation, make sure you’re carrying the right luggage with this guide.

business trip

Best Luggage for a Business Trip

If you've ever gone for a business trip, you know that it’s a painfully short stay and you’ll be gone before you know it; that’s why you shouldn’t be carrying all that much in the first place. For a business trip, you usually need to take a spare suit, a change of clothes for the flight back, some comfortable shoes and your toothbrush.

Of course, you’ll also need documents and your computer so you can study some things before a meeting, but you’ll have those things in your ‘personal item’. Since your employer will have arranged your stay at a hotel, you can simply get some toiletries from there instead of lugging what you have at home.

You’ll want to pack loosely so that your suit or work clothes don’t get wrinkled, which is why I suggest a spinner upright trolley bag. If you’re packing minimalist, then you won’t need anything bigger than a 20-inch carry-on. This will fit in the overhead compartment and save you time that you would otherwise waste at luggage collection. Opt for luggage of the hardshell variety so they keep your things protected and don’t press down on ironed clothes.

A personal item is what you’ll be keeping under the seat in front of you; it’ll hold your essentials like your passport, phone, important documents, and your laptop. Ideally, you can get a classic black colored laptop bag. If you don’t like the feeling of lugging it around on your shoulder, you can opt for a backpack instead.  

overseas trip

Best Luggage for a Trip Overseas

You could be flying overseas for a number of reasons but for short stays, it’s common that you go by the general rules. You’ll have one carry on, a personal item, and luggage that you won’t be carrying along with you.

Now if your stay is super short i.e. a week long, you won’t need more than a carry on and personal item. On the other hand, if you plan to stay for long or you simply need more clothes to change into, you’ll have to get a 24-inch luggage carrier. You have two ways to go about this requirement; you can combine the different bags you already have, or buy a complete set.

If you already have a suitable carry-on and luggage, you won’t need to do much shopping. On the other hand, broken or improper luggage will only be a hassle to deal with, so you’re better off buying some and sets are oftentimes cheaper than buying separate bags.

There is a variety of luggage sets available on the market, but you’ll be better off with a 3-piece or 2-piece set. Now a 2-piece set will have a carry-on and a duffel or tote bag that you can carry as a personal item. On the other hand, a 3-piece will have both those things, and a bigger 25-inch luggage bag.

If you already have either one of these three in perfect condition already, you can simply buy a bigger luggage upright bag, a carry on (duffel, 20-inch spinner or tote), or a personal item (backpack, laptop bag or messenger bag) separately. For good measure, always remember to mark your luggage with a tag.

family vacation

Luggage for a Family Vacation

Family vacations are a great way for working parents to get away from their hectic lifestyles and enjoy some time with their kids, who get tired of their boring school routine. It’s a great way to make new memories as a family so you want to make sure that you bring along all the right things.

You could be flying to a resort for a couple of days and based on the number of people you have in your family, you’ll need an adequate number of luggage bags. It also depends upon how old the kids are because if they’re younger, parents can simply pack their clothes together. Since older kids can carry their own luggage, it’s best that each have their own carry-on, while holding a ‘personal item’.

Let’s take a family of four as a standard; so if you’re traveling with younger kids, then a bigger 4-piece or 5-piece luggage set will do you just fine. Since the adults will be handling the entire luggage on their own, it’s best that there be as fewer bags to handle, as possible.

Four or five bags in total are easier to manage, but you will require some help if your kids need to be carried around. If you’re handing over a large number of bags for collection, you’ll need to use luggage tags for your bags and your kids’.

Although the in-flight crew will provide you with blankets on the plane, the same doesn’t apply during a stopover when your kids are sleeping. That’s when a travel blanket and pillow will do some good. If you’re traveling with children and need specific toiletries, you can carry them in a special bag to make sure they stay organized.

road trip

Luggage for a Road Trip

Ah, the classic road trip, it has so much excitement packed into a thrilling adventure across the country. Although the rugged SUV is considered the best car for a road trip, not every family has one, so many people choose to drive in their sedan. In these cases, there isn’t much room for keeping luggage separately, so you’ll have to make wise choices as to how you’ll organize your luggage.

Ideally, you’ll want to carry luggage that’s less bulky and can fit in smaller spaces i.e. don’t have defined shapes. That’s right, the best kind of luggage you can take along on a road trip isn’t a spinner hardshell bag or boarding bag, but rather backpacks, duffel bags, and tote bags.

However, these bags won’t really carry everything you need, especially if you’re going to a wide range of places with different clothing requirements. That’s why roof luggage carrier would b the perfect thing to hold most of the bulk. You can safely secure it to the roof stand and since they’re made from waterproof material, your items will be safe, even in the rain.

train trip

Luggage for Train or Bus Travel

Traveling to another town on a train or bus has its own perks. Sure, it isn’t as luxurious as air travel can get and you won’t be getting the most VIP experience ever, but what’s better than seeing a beautiful view as you pass through the countryside?

Just like with road trips, you’ll want to refrain from carrying larger bags. To carry necessities that you’ll need during the trip, stick to smaller luggage like backpacks, tote bags or messenger bags. Of course, you’ll need something to carry the bulk like clothes and shoes. For that, we suggest you choose a duffel bag rather than a boarding bag.

You can get a smaller bag or a bigger one based on your needs. If you opt for a bigger one like a 30-inch model, make sure that it has wheels and converts into an upright bag when you need to move it around. In addition, traveling in a bus or train will put you in a number of awkward positions, so forget about getting comfortable. You can, however, make things easier by carrying a compact travel blanket and pillow with you.


Now that you know about the kind of luggage you should carry along with you on your trip, it’s time to get packing! You can look through our extensive collection of luggage to find the best travel companion to hold your things and keep them organized. You won’t be disappointed with the products we recommend; Bon Voyage!

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